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Shanxi Hangyou Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production, service and product management of UAV systems. It was incorporated in 2010 in Taiyuan High-tech Zone, and is a state-level high-tech enterprise. The company's core team members have more than 20 years of experience in design, production, and hands-on operations. The Hangyou team relied on solid technical knowledge and in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the UAV system. With a zero-failure flight service, the company’s visibility was rapidly enhanced in the industry in only two years.     Through independent research and development, the company has successively designed, established and produced more than ten models, covering fixed-wing, multi-rotor, electric, and oil-moving. Up to now, there have been more than a dozen technical achievements that have obtained the patent certificates and software copyrights of the State Intellectual Property Office. The BY100 fixed-wing drone developed by the company has been widely used in many fields due to its excellent flight performance and excellent carrying capacity. And in 2015, this type of drone was fortunate enough to be included as a classic model in the "World Drone System Encyclopedia".

A drone application technology academician workstation is located in Shanxi, and our company as the sole support unit of academician workstations, all-round cooperation with the academician team, is committed to broaden the application of drones in more fields. Perfect R&D equipment, a solid core team, a complete R&D and testing base, creating good research and development conditions, and giving full play to the R&D team's ability to innovate. At present, the professional mapping drone project has been successfully developed and the results are finalized and marketed.     The accumulation of the Hangyou team in the drone industry has enabled them to have core competencies in understanding industry needs, R&D customization, and personnel training. At the same time, around the industry solutions for drones, a complete service support system was established to provide customized solutions for industry customers.

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